Welcome to Eufaula Virtual School!


Eufaula Virtual School offers over fifty core and elective courses, all of which are in conjunction with Oklahoma education standards, and customizable ACT preparation courses. Each course offers customized instruction through a prescriptive study plan with set mastery levels. The interactive content engages students in the learning process through video instruction, animations, simulations, and exploration activities. After students navigate through the video instruction, journals, and exercises they will demonstrate master on a summative exam. Students can use this program for credit recovery, suspension, homebound, and advance preparation for higher education.


For more information, please contact Leslie Turner, Director at: lmckinney@eufaula.k12.ok.us or 918-689-2556 ext. 1113  OR Heather Combs, High School Counselor at: hdcombs@eufaula.k12.ok.us or 918-689-2556 ext 1116.